Our Story

According to Armenian legend, Shara, the grandson of Hayk (the ancestor of Armenians) was a giant who was remarkable chiefly for his eating prowess. He resided in the province of Shirak (where Gyumri is situated), since its fertile plains could produce enough food to satisfy his great appetite.

At Shara Restaurant you can savor the delicious dishes of traditional Armenian and European cuisine. The meals, full of Armenian flavor, are prepared from the freshest seasonal produce available. You can also enjoy a wide selection of beverages and cocktails at the bar.

Shara Restaurant captures the spirit of Old Gyumri. Since Gyumri is famous for its hospitality, the best traditions of Armenia are preserved at Shara Restaurant. The rustic and cozy interior design of Shara Restaurant will take you back in time to the 19th century. The walls decorated with old photographs depict the traditional lifestyles and the historical sights of the old city.